We love nature! Our belief is that nature & this earth is god’s wonderful blessing that we need to protect, this is our last chance at it! This pandemic is a wakeup call for all of us to move towards shredding everything that is not sustainable, damaging & polluting our planet.

We at Sleepy Snugglez are constantly brainstorming on how to be nature friendly. One way of doing so is to try and minimize the use of elastic in our garments as they are harmful to our environment, instead we provide you with cloth strings that are biodegradable, gives flexibility & comfort fit. Once you move to cloth strings there is no turning back, trust us on that one!

Although we are working on how to be a more environmentally friendly brand, sometimes due to unavailability of alternates it becomes difficult to avoid certain non-biodegradable components. It’s work in progress, but we believe in starting somewhere & every drop counts!