About Us


Change is the only constant. Once we accept that, we can see that everything is possible only if you are willing to grow. We can all agree that the world has changed drastically since the COVID times. We have also realized that there is something more to us! We took a look inwards and checked for ourselves what is lacking? Where is the magic? The answer is right there, the magic that we have been looking for outside is right there within us, within you, within ME! A new wave is rising, we are not sleepy anymore we are woke! We are mindful of every step that we take. 

Whenever you look at something and you can relate to it, your mind immediately says “Oh ya! That is so me!” isn’t it? You feel a connection towards it. Whether its a place, a person, an animal or just a thing, when we feel an instant connection we start relating to it. We start appreciating it and try to integrate it in our lives. That’s our idea. To create something that each one of you can relate to and make them your own. Coco Chanel once quoted “Luxury should be comfortable otherwise its not luxury” and that’s where we are headed. Garments that are luxurious, comfortable and every bit stylish but more so that every bit THAT’S SO YOU!